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Hunting lodge, Russia


This impressive property comprises four detached log homes based on our original Tunturi design.

A luxury accommodation with a living area of 310 m², together with adjoining buildings for the sauna and barbecue, are set around the 680 m² central guesthouse made of extremely strong laminated logs (240 x 260 mm).

These log homes, built in a first-class Russian hunting ground, lay by a lake, whose far-reaching, glittering waters can be seen from all of the property’s windows.

  • Luxury Log Cabin Russia Tunturi 837 4A
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  • Luxury_Log_Cabin_Russia_Tunturi_837_2.jpg
  • Luxury_Log_Cabin_Russia_Tunturi_837_5.jpg
  • Luxury_Log_Cabin_Russia_Tunturi_837_6.JPG
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