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CE inspection - did we pass?


On April 3rd 2013 the inspector from VTT (Technical Research Centre of Finland) visited our factory in Sodankylä. This is standard procedure for products with the CE marking, such as the Artichouse Log Building Kit.

Artichouse log house factory grounds

Artichouse log house factory grounds


Our factory was turned upside down as the inspection started. Our processes were thoroughly examined; did they meet the standards that were set? Also all the documentation of the manufacturing process were inspected. Artichouse factory staff was also interviewed and asked some questions about their roles and liabilities.


Log house production, Artichouse factory

Fresh logs just waiting to be machined into an Artichouse


The feedback after the inspection was truly something worth waiting for: "The professional attitude and quality of work is outstanding. The staff knows exactly what they are doing and what to do in each phase of the manufacturing process. The documentation of the process is something that is not achieved by many companies."

So the answer is yes, we did pass the inspection. And it was no wonder, thanks to the devoted staff at the Artichouse log house factory!